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Occupy LA’s Upcoming Raid

Earlier this week the city proposed to Occupy LA to abandon our occupation of the park in exchange for a small underground office building. Of course we laughed in their face. Such an exchange would be a defeat as it would remove the occupation from the sights and minds of the people of Los Angeles.

A few minutes ago the police dropped off the sign for the new “park hours” to City Hall. We have an open warning that a raid could happen as early as the wee hours of Monday morning and are fully expecting and preparing for a raid then. Names are being taken of those who intend to resist this terrible corruption of our rights, Our emergency drills are being worked out with the caretakers at “Kid’s Village” and the elderly, disabled, or asthma prone to take shelter with our medical team. Photographers and news crew have been phoned and informed of the likely raid time to ensure we have both a mainstream and underground media presence available to us.

All across this nation the oppressive powers have crushed one Occupation after another. Fences have been erected, permanent police guards have been set up, the militarization of our public spaces grows in the face of the movement. And yet we grow. Occupy LA will be the next on their list and we will surely be crushed beneath the heel of the government, but we will survive. We will Occupy not just city hall, but all of LA as OWS has done.

Fight oppression!

Fight the government!

The time of the second American revolution is soon upon us.

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